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Free Counseling with Professionals

Updated: Feb 19

Free Health and Welfare Consultation Services

The Montgomery County Chinese American Parents Association (CAPA-MC) Thrive Club, with funding assistance from the Montgomery County Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI), has commissioned CCACC Pan Asian Clinic to provide free 30-minute consultation services for 70 CAPA members and other Chinese community residents. Participants can attend up to 4 free consultation sessions. This service is available until June 9th. Consultation services are provided in Chinese by medical, mental health, and medical welfare experts from the Pan Asian Clinic. The purpose of the consultation services is to provide basic information on various services, connect individuals with further treatment resources, and offer guidance. This service is not a therapeutic program, participants do not need to pay, and fees will not be billed to health insurance companies.

The consultation areas include:

  • Medical Consultation: Covers topics such as chronic disease management and medical health resources.

  • Mental Health and Psychological Counseling: Provided by licensed social workers, mental health experts, psychiatric nurses, and psychiatrists. Topics include family relationships, depression, anxiety, and life stage adjustment disorders.

  • Dementia Elderly Service Consultation: Provides information on local services, treatment, and educational seminars related to caring for dementia patients.

  • Special Education Resources: Offers information on local social resources, after-school activities, and therapy services for special education children.

  • Health Insurance and Other Social Welfare: Provides information on health insurance, including low-income medical programs (Medicaid, Obamacare, Montgomery Cares), as well as information on elderly medical care (Medicare and related supplementary programs). Consultation content also includes food vouchers, low-income elderly housing assistance, energy assistance, and other services.

If you are interested, please scan the QR code to register. For other questions, please call 240-393-5950.

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