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CCACC Mental Health 360 Program Presented at SSPC Annual Meeting

On April 18th, Dr. Shao Xiaoping (Psychiatrist), Dr. Zhu Yueyue (Internist), and CCACC Health Center's Clinical Social Worker, Ms. Kate Lu, were invited to attend the Society for Study of Psychiatry and Culture's annual conference in Toronto. At the conference, the CCACC Health Center team shared their experience with the "Comprehensive Mental Health" program, focusing on integrating mental health care for patients and community residents into the clinic's daily operations.


CCACC Health Center's "Comprehensive Mental Health" program aims to address the taboo around mental health issues in the Asian community and the severe shortage of mental health professionals. The program's multidisciplinary team, including psychiatrists, nurses, and therapists, provides holistic mental health services to those in need. Beyond addressing physical symptoms, the clinic inquires about the mental well-being of patients during each visit, ensuring comprehensive care.


For patients with chronic diseases, CCACC Health Center offers a specialized "Chronic Disease Management Program" staffed by experienced medical professionals, including retired nurses, caregivers, and pharmacists. These professionals collaborate with doctors and nurses to provide medical consultation and discuss treatment plans, aiding patients in managing their conditions effectively.


Furthermore, CCACC Health Center actively engages in community mental health services, such as the "Cherished Action" project, which provides psychological counseling and resource guidance to lonely elderly individuals in the community. After receiving services through this project, participants experience a significant reduction in depressive symptoms and improved quality of life.


CCACC Health Center also hosts regular workshops on chronic disease prevention and management, offering effective disease management education to help patients understand and cope with negative emotions, thereby enhancing their quality of life.


Through these initiatives, CCACC Health Center is committed to providing comprehensive mental health services to the Asian community, improving patients' quality of life, and mitigating the impact of mental health issues on the community.


The CCACC Health Center team's presentation at the conference attracted significant attention from attendees concerned about Asian mental health. Through this showcase, we gained insights into the experiences and perspectives of mental health professionals from around the world. Attendees unanimously emphasized the importance of public collaboration and the need for more high-quality research and service programs for Asian mental health.

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