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Charity Pickleball Cup

As the national and local health care climate changes, more and more people are losing health insurance coverage and falling out of health care. The Pan Asian Clinic is a local effort to provide no barrier primary care and preventive care to the uninsured. To continue this effort, we need your support.


About the Pickleball Cup

Where Are the Funds Going?

$800 helps support a child

Funds raised go towards the PROMISE Camp, a program designed to help children with developmental disabilities, providing them with a safe space to develop.

By participating in our Pickleball Cup, money raised will go towards the scholarship fund to allow more children to participate in this program and make a difference in their lives.


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This year's Pickleball Cup supports the PROMISE Camp, a six-week program designed to create a positive and inclusive environment for children with developmental disabilities.

Let's come together, swing those paddles, and serve up a brighter future for the children in our community. Your participation in the Charity Pickleball Tournament will make a lasting impact on the lives of these children.

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To support the safety net clinic to provide medical and health services to the low-income, uninsured residents. 

Healthcare for All

The Pan Asian Clinic is a member of the 10 Montgomery Cares safety-net clinics in Montgomery County, Maryland.


Since 2003, the Pan-Asian Volunteer Health Clinic(PAVHC) has relied on volunteer physicians, pharmacists, and volunteers from all walks of life to contribute their time and expertise to make healthcare services available to over 5000 community members each year.


We need your financial support to pay for the cost of healthcare that our less fortunate community members can not afford.

Where Funds Went

Lab Tests

  • H. Pylori ($89)

  • Hepatitis B ($18)

Prevention Services

Cancer Screenings

  • Mammogram

  • Pap smear ($61)

  • Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) ($32)

Other Critical Health Services

Pickleball Cup Rules

Image by Aleksander Saks


  • Each point begins with an underarm serve

  • The serve is performed diagonally beginning at the right-hand service square

  • The serve must clear the non-volley-zone

  • The serve must bounce before being hit by the receiver (2-bounce rule)

  • The return of serve must also bounce before being hit (2-bounce rule)

  • The serving position alternates with each serve when a point is won

  • Volleys can only be performed outside of the Non-Volley Zone

  • Volleys can only be made after the 2-Bounce Rule has been followed

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