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Our Stories

Since its founding, Pan Asian has provided medical help, managed care, and offered professional advice to countless people. Many of them believed they wouldn't be able to afford it, wouldn't find anyone who would understand their symptoms, or were too fearful (due to previous experiences) to seek help.
On this page, you can read about the heart warming experiences of those who found help where they thought none existed.



"Thank you for CCACC, now we are already vaccinated, and then we feel safe."


"We have an Asian clinic, can provide health care for those people who doesn’t have documents."



The volunteers at the Pan Asian clinic are, without exception, a very warm-hearted group...In short, my experiences at the Pan Asian clinic have eased my fears about seeing a doctor in the US.

Mrs. Yu

Mountain Lake

Mrs. Li's experience left her filled with positive feelings...Mrs. Li was deeply touched by this spirit of selflessness.

Mrs. Li

Snowy Mountain

He received a prescription and then underwent a free EKG and routine blood test.

Mr. Li


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