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Program for Meaningful Interaction and Social Engagement

The Program for Meaningful Interaction and Social Engagement (PROMISE) is a joint effort between the University of Maryland, CAPA-MC, and community professional volunteers. It is designed to help children with special needs.

The program consists of activities to improve children’s skills

  • Emotion regulation

  • Sportsmanship

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Conversation skills

  • Friendship skills

Image by Kevin CASTEL

PROMISE Summer Camp

What Does the Program Involve?

The program provides weekly social skills support with board games, art, group games, and reading/story time led by trained volunteers. Each week, students will be introduced to and practice new social skills - emotion identification/regulation, good sportsmanship, conversation skills, friendship skills, and interpersonal/advocacy skills. We ask parents to complete pre- and post-surveys. We will observe and collect data of campers during the sessions.

Who Is It For?

4-14 year-old children with special needs

What Are the Benefits?

Campers can meet and build relationship with their peers. We also share results from the survey and observation for interested families.


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