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Medical Services

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram
Primary Care

CCACC provides patients with an array of primary care services including physical exams, screenings, labs, vaccinations, medications, integrated behavior health (includes counseling), and arrangements for diagnostic testing, and referrals to specialty care, if necessary.

CCACC Health also provides chronic disease monitoring and assists patients in monitoring their chronic conditions. Services for these patients include consistent care, regular screenings for complications, a coordinated health care plan, arrangements for no/low cost-cost medications, support management and oversight, patient education and coaching geared towards self-reliance, and access to specialty care if necessary.

Medical Record Analysis
Specialty Care/Referral Services

We provide some in-house specialty care, such as the Hepatitis B Clinic, Chronic Pain Management, psychiatric services, and the diabetes clinic. For other services, we will provide referrals to specialists who also provide reduced-fee services to low-income patients.​​

Beach Meditation
Integrated Behavioral Health

A behavioral health team, including licensed social workers, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists, works closely with the medical team to provide a comprehensive health and mental health care plan. Our behavior health team works to reduce barriers to a patient's health and mental health.

Insurance Agent
Health Benefit Enrollment Assistance Services

CCACC has a certified Maryland Health Connection Navigator on staff to enroll patients in Medicaid and in private insurance plans through Maryland Health Connection. Insurance enrollment is by appointment only, at the Rockville, Fairland/East Montgomery, and Up-country/Germantown clinics.

Social Services

Robust collaborative relationships with a multi-cultural array of community-based social service agencies both enhance our outreach and enable us to connect patients to complementary non-medical resources.

Stack of Books
Patient Education

Our clinic staff will provide health education to patients whenever necessary. Our goal is to empower patients to take control and be an important part of their own care.

We also provide health seminars in our health fair and community health outreach events. Our YouTube Channel also provides a list of health topics for patients to access at any time.

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