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Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy

Our licensed physical and occupational therapists will help patients maintain physical function (basic everyday tasks) through PT services (on-site and telehealth) and behavioral health services.

On-Site PT & OT Services

We will provide rehabilitation assessment, on-site treatment, and individual/group telehealth treatment according to patient's health condition and living environment.

Home Health PT & OT

The physical therapists will work one-on-one with patients in their own environment. One session will be 45-60 minutes. Patient's family members or coordinators may need to translate the information. Patients who live in the same building can be scheduled on the same day. Our current assumption is that we can arrange three patients on the same day and people who live in the same place can be treated at the same time.


By using a tablet (CCACC may provide it/patients may use their own), the physical therapist can perform one-on-one PT services, which involves 3-5 patients.

Common Treatments
  • Evaluation & treatment

  • Relieve pain

  • Contracture management

  • Increase strength

  • Modalities: heat/ice

  • Modalities: electrotherapeutic

  • Gait training

  • Improve function

  • Transportation safety management

  • Increase mobility/rom

  • Wheelchair/assistive device management

Service Process
  1. Physician Referrals
    Patients need to contact their primary doctor and request a physicians referral. Then, schedule an appointment by providing their physician referrals to CCACC Health.

  2. Needs Assessment
    The physical therapist will perform an initial needs assessment for the patient's first visit. Determine ideal frequency of treatment according to patients' health condition.

  3. Develop a Treatment Plan
    Modify treatment frequency according to patient's condition.

  4. Reassessment

  5. Discharge
    Re-perform diagnostics. Assess progress towards goal: for those patients who have met at least 90% of their goals, and are steady, they can be discharged, or can continue 1x/month as part of a group, plus continue screening monthly.

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