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Health Fair 2022

Vendors for Health Exhibition 2022健康展览参展单位 

Sponsors 赞助单位: 

  • Gilead Science 吉利德醫療科技

  • InsuredTY_Tim Yang 楊天明長照保險代理

  • Brightview West End (Assisted Living) BrightView洛城輔助養老社區

  • East West Wellness (Acupuncture & Wellness) 中西康復中心

  • Continuum Healthcare Network (nursing home) Continuum 長期護理服務網絡

  • Chang Medicare Team  暢聯邦醫療顧問團隊

  • Potomac Valley Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center 波多馬克康復醫療中心

  • Alzheimer's Association, DC Chapter 艾爾茲海默症協會

  • AARP Maryland 馬里蘭樂齡會

Community Partners 社区机构

  •  American Diversity Group 美國多族裔團體

  • Hepatitis B Initiative of Washington DC (HBI-DC) 華府乙肝倡議機

  • Interfaith Works 多元信仰社區协助

  • Gaithersburg Help 蓋城社區協助

  • Asian Indians Community Service (AICS) 亞裔印度社區服務中心

  • Korean Community Service Center 韓裔社區服務中心

  • Amerigroup Community Healthcare 社区医疗保险

  • Jubilee Association of Maryland关怀保健

  • Super Smiles Center (Dental Care) 微信牙醫服務

  • Potomac Oncology (Dr. Jame Xu) 波多馬克腫瘤專科診所

  • Care For Your Health 健康關懷醫療中心

Government Agencies 政府单位

  •  Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI) 亞裔健康聯盟

  •  Asian Pacific American Officers Committee (APAOC; Administration of Public Health) 華裔軍官委員會

  • Federal Asian Pacific Council 聯邦亞太理事會

  • Pedestrian Safety Outreach Program for MCDOT 馬州交通部行人安全外聯組

  • Montgomery County Health Connection 蒙郡健康保險管理局

  • Maryland Board of Election 馬州選舉委員會

  • Maryland Insurance Administration 馬里蘭州健康保險管理局

CCACC Service Exhibition CCACC 服務

·        CCACC Health Center 泛亞醫療中心

·        CCACC Home Care CCACC居家服務

·        Quince Orchard Swimming and Tennis Club 美京搏翊館

·        CCACC Academy 美京博雅苑

·        CCACC Community Service Center 美京社區服務中心

Medical Providers for Consultation 医疗咨询

Special Care专科医生

  • ​Dr. Yang Veronica Pei (Emergency Medicine) 裴洋急诊科

  • Dr. Xiaoping Shao (Psychiatrist 邵晓平精神科)

  • Dr. Jie He (Endocrinologist) 何杰内分泌科)

  • Dr. Weiming Yan (Gastroenterologist/Hematologist)

  • Dr. James Xu (Oncologist)

  • Dr, Leo Xu (Allergist)

  • Dr. Richard Chang (Dentist)

  • Dr. Wendy Hsiao (Hearing Specialist)

  • Dr. Cheryl Fong (Occupational Therapist)

Internal Medicine 内科医生

  • Dr. YaoYao Zhu (Internal Medicine)

  • Dr. Mo-ping Chow (Internal Medicine)

  • Dr. Lei Xu (Internal Medicine)

  • Dr. Ling Yang (Internal Medicine)

  • Dr. Ping Li (Internal Medicine)

Chinse Medicine 中医

  • Dr. Hong Ji (East West Wellness Center)

  • Dr. Zhiqiang Fu (J & C Acupuncture)

2021 Health Fair_12.JPEG
2021 Health Fair
health fair_2017_yaoyao zhu.jpg
2017 Health Fair
health fair_2019_volunteers.jpg
2019 Health Fair
health fair_2018_6.jpg
2018 Health Fair

Register for Free Blood Work

Eligibility: Anyone who did not have a health check for the past 12 months

  • Basic lab (CMP+CBC+lipid Panel)

  • ​Hepatitis B screening (HbsAg+HbsAb)

  • HbsA1c for patients with diagnosis of Diabetes

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