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Join us for the 2024 Health Fair!

Register for Free Blood Work

Eligibility: Anyone who did not have a health check for the past 12 months

Date: 5/1/2024 - 5/31/2024  (*results will be mailed out)

  • Basic lab (CMP+CBC+lipid Panel)

  • ​Hepatitis B screening (HbsAg+HbsAb)

  • HbsA1c for patients with diagnosis of Diabetes

231007_Health Fair_edited.jpg
2023 Health Fair
health fair_2019_volunteers.jpg
2019 Health Fair
End_Volunteer Doctors.jpg
2022 Health Fair
health fair_2018_6.jpg
2018 Health Fair
2021 Health Fair_12.JPEG
2021 Health Fair
health fair_2017_yaoyao zhu.jpg
2017 Health Fair
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