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Montgomery Cares Program

Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic

The Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic (PAVHC) provides low-cost health services to low-income residents in the Metropolitan Washington area. Depending on income level, patients receive high-quality services based on a sliding scale fee schedule.

PAVHC also operates several grant supported programs:

STOP B Program
Benefits Enrollment
Mental Health 360 Program
Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy
Prevention for All Program
Acupuncture Close Up
No Pain Initiative

Donated Services: PAVHC services are possible thanks to a group of dedicated volunteer licensed physicians and pharmacists. We also receive discounted services from LabCorp, Adventist Radiology.

Montgomery Care

Montgomery Care is designed for low income (below 250% Poverty Line), uninsured Montgomery County residents, who are encouraged to sign up for the Montgomery Care program for free to low cost primary care and specialty care services.

The Montgomery Cares Program is a group of community-based health care providers that provide medical care to uninsured adults in Montgomery County, Maryland. There are twelve different health care agencies in over 25 locations throughout Montgomery County.


  • Montgomery County Residents (Provide ID and Utility Bills)

  • Income below 250% Poverty Line (see chart below)

  • Not qualified for insurance (including commercial insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare)


For more details, view below.

Service Offerings

  • Primary Care - $25 per visit

  • Patient Referrals (laboratory work, diagnostic radiology services, or out-patient treatment) - low cost

  • Hep B (screening and treatment) - free

  • Immunization (i.e. flu, Tdap) - free

  • Diabetes Care & Chronic Care Management - free

  • Well-Woman Care - free

  • Health Education - free


  • Patient referrals for lab work and out-patient treatment - most services are free or low-cost (subject to availability)

  • Referrals to specialists and management plan for patient's follow-up care

  • Some medications are free


Eligibility determination documentation for current year and one year prior (if applicable) must be documented in the client electronic health record.

1. Applicants must show at least one approved proof of residency in Montgomery County. Copies of proof of resident must be maintained in the client record.

  • Mortgage, Lease, or Property Tax Bill

  • Current utility bill with complete name and address (cell phone bill not accepted)

  • School records

  • Driver's license with current address

  • Maryland State ID Card

  • Signed Federal Tax Return (current year only)

  • Written statement on letterhead from home-visiting provider or homeless shelter

  • Official Country of State correspondence on letterhead

  • Letter from landlord/third party host with host's proof of residency

  • If non of the above is available, complete Montgomery Cares Missing Documentation Form. The Missing Documentation Form is valid for two visit only.

2. Applicants should show proof of age. There is no mandatory documents for the proof of age requirement. Client's declared age is acceptable proof, although a picture ID is preferred. Driver's license, birth certificates, and passports are not required documentation.

3. Applicants must indicate if she/he has any form of health insurance. Clinics need to use Electronic Verification System (EVS) to identify patients who may be enrolled.

*We want to ensure all patients can see our doctors in a timely manner. If you miss your appointment three times without 24 hours prior notice, you will put your eligibility at risk.

FPL Chart
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