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Seminar: Anti-Asian Hate & Bias/Bystander Training

· Are you discriminated against because you are Asian? · Once there is such an encounter, how should you deal with it? · Did you know that you can get compensation for reporting discrimination?

Please join our Discussion:

Date &Time: Friday 2/4/2022 4:00-5:00 pm

Zoom Link: Meeting Number: 853 6552 8713


· Captain Stacey A. Flynn, Director, Community Engagement Division

· Lieutenant Andrew Suh, Deputy Commander; Montgomery County Police Department

· Ms.Julie Yang, Educator, Candidate for BOE, Montgomery County

· Bertrand Tseng, Attorney, CCACC Board Member

At the meeting, experts from the Montgomery Police Department will share with us the safety measures to take when encountering hatred and the resources of Montgomery County. We will also introduce how we can "bystander intervention" to reduce harm if we encounter others who are being treated unfairly. Here's one of a series of short films we've made about Bystander Intervention:

If you have experienced discrimination or hatred during the epidemic, you are very welcome to share your experience with us by email: We will consult with the experts on the best and safest way to deal with it. All are welcome to join our discussion.

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