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October Free Preventive Service

We are happy to served more than 100 community members who lack access to essential healthcare in our health fair on 10/8/2021. We would like to make this opportunity available to more who needs it throughout October 2021

Call us for details: 240-393-5950

  • Event Date & Time: October 2021, Monday-Friday, 9-5 pm

  • Address: 9318 Gaither Road, Suite 205, Gaithersburg, MD 20877

  • Services:

  1. Free Blood screenings (CMP+CBC+LIPID), HbA1c (with a diabetes diagnosis), Hep B

  2. Free Breast Cancer Screening and Pap Smear Screening

  3. Free Vaccination (COVID-19, Flu and Hep B vaccine)

Health Consultation: Our volunteer medical providers will answer your question regarding health and healthy living

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