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Sri Lanka Community Health Fair

Report: Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic and SLASH Collaborate for Free Blood Testing Event

On May 18, 2024, the Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic (PAVHC) and the Sri Lanka American Society for Health (SLASH) collaborated to provide free preventive blood tests for 79 uninsured or underinsured Sri Lankan residents of Montgomery County at the Sri Lankan community temple in Silver Spring.

The event aimed to raise community health awareness and offer essential medical services to those in need. Participants were also invited to return on June 1 for a Health Day event, where they could receive further medical consultations and additional preventive screenings.

Dr. Mo-Ping Chow, the founding volunteer physician of PAVHC, monitored the blood test results daily. In case of any urgent medical conditions, Dr. Chow promptly communicated with the patients and SLASH's coordinator to ensure the patients received timely medical attention.

During the event, five physicians and nurse practitioners from PAVHC, including Dr. Yao-Yao Zhu (Medical Director), Dr. Mo-Ping Chow, Dr. Ling Chin, NP Jihyun Do, and NP Katherine Lee, collaborated with Sri Lankan community doctors to provide professional medical consultation services. Over 20 uninsured participants registered on-site for Montgomery Cares Program to ensure follow-up visits and continuous medical care.

Suresh, the project manager of SLASH, stated that this benevolent act was unprecedented in the Sri Lankan immigrant community. He emphasized that many participants had not seen a doctor for years, and when they fell ill, they had to pay out of pocket for medical services, which were costly and often ineffective.

This event not only increased health awareness in the Sri Lankan immigrant community but also highlighted the importance of community collaboration in improving public health.

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