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Hiring: Mental Health Service Coordinator

Job Title: Mental Health Specialist

Responsible to: Clinic Director

Primary Responsibilities:

The Mental Health Specialist is a full-time position. The Mental Health Specialist reports to the Clinic Director and is responsible for coordinating mental health services in the clinic and community outreach. The Specialist will perform the following areas of responsibility, according to the Administrative Policies and Procedures.

  • Organize and assist mental health events

  • Coordinate mental health services for outpatient services, coordination of health services among clinic operation

  • Maintain mental health service schedule for providers and patients s

  • Maintain documentation for the service provided

  • Outreach to other community, community organizations, and related government agencies

  • Attend relevant community events and meetings;

  • Coordinate special events inside the agency

  • Support clinic operation

  • Other related responsibilities


  • Bachelor degree on mental health and health-related education or equivalent, and fluency in the Chinese language is a plus.

  • Previous medical office/clinic experience preferred.

  • Good organizational and communication skills.

  • Pleasant and professional appearance and demeanor.


  • Light physical demands; short-distance travel is required

  • Must be able to work under stress of meeting deadlines and changing priorities

  • Able to manipulate normal business machines and technology. For example; able to operate computer and computer systems, office copiers, fax, remote access, phones

  • Able to effectivelyfull-timeate both verbally and in writing

COMPENSATION: Starting salary $20 per hour, full time worker benefit.

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