Community Health Officer: We Are Ready If There is a Local Outbreak

On Friday February 7, 2020, AAHI and the Montgomery County Health and Human Services - MD Public Health Officer welcomed representatives from the CCACC's Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic to discuss what the county is doing to keep residents safe from the 2019 novel coronavirus.

Dr. Travis Gayles, Montgomery County Health Officer meet with representatives from CCACC and ACAP on 2.7.2020. Dr. Gayles shared that there is not confirm case in Maryland, DC and Virginia. Currently, the risk for local outbreak is low. With years of experience working with CDC to fight infectious disease, such as Ebola and H5N1, the county and adjacent jurisdictions are ready to take on the challenge shall there is an outbreak. Dr. Galyes shared that there should be enough medical supplies and resources to deal with the crisis. Dr. Gayles stressed the importance of prevention. He stated that according to CDC guideline, anyone who returns from infected area, or have direct contacts with confirmed 2019 nCoV patients should take 14 days quarantine period. He stated that good hygiene practices, such as washing your hand frequently, avoiding contact with sick patients are highly recommended. He stated that if you are not sick, masks are not necessary. 

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