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Charity Tennis Tournament Supports Pan-Asia Volunteer Health Clinic

"Heartfelt Service: Professional Women's Tennis Tournament Supports Pan-Asia Volunteer Health Clinic

In this season brimming with warmth and compassion, a group of dedicated professional women, led by physician volunteer Dr. Yvette Yuxia Jia at the Pan-Asia Clinic, gathered on December 27th, 2023, at CCACC Quince Orchard Swimming and Tennis Center (QOSTC) for a unique tennis tournament. Their purpose was not only to enjoy a holiday tennis tournament but also to raise funds for the Pan-Asian Voluntary Clinic, benefiting low-income female patients for well-women preventive care, infusing a touch of warmth into this chilly winter.

Initiated by Dr. Jia, this fundraising event saw participation from over 20 professional women from various fields, including healthcare professionals, lawyers, government employees, and entrepreneurs. Coming together during the holiday season, they utilized their tennis skills to support community healthcare. Dr. Jia, a passionate advocate for public service, has been actively involved in Pan-Asia Clinic's volunteer services and health day events for many years. She consistently promotes Pan-Asia's services among her friends and any opportunity, contributing to the clinic's extended impact and influence. Additionally, Dr. Jia is an avid tennis player, fostering connections with women from diverse backgrounds both on and off the court. Dr. Jia’s family members have also contributed to the event planning and service during the event. This group, comprising individuals from different ethnicities, and professions, has built friendships spanning several years. Beyond their busy work lives, they frequently gather on the community tennis courts for shared practices, offering not only physical exercise but also mutual encouragement as they witness each other's life and professional journeys. These professional women organize and participate in charity fundraising events, contributing both financially and through their efforts to the great causes they all share .

In the beginning of the tournament, organizers introduced participants to the vital work of the Pan-Asia Volunteer Clinic and its contributions and significance for low-income patients. This briefing deepened the participants' understanding of how their contributions would directly benefit those in need. Funds raised during this event will specifically assist low-income patients in covering the costs of disease screenings.

Throughout the matches, these professional women showcased their athletic talents, with each swing of the racket symbolizing their support for the charity cause. Their enthusiasm and dedication added another layer to the foundation of Pan-Asia Volunteer Clinic's charitable initiatives. After the matches, participants, along with Dr. Yao-Yao Zhu and Director Kate Lu from Pan-Asia Clinic, gathered for a shared pizza lunch. Dr. Zhu and Director Lu provided insights into the clinic's services, highlighting challenges faced during the pandemic and upcoming opportunities, including the establishment of a new clinic in 2024. Dr. Zhu and Kate also thank the participants for their generosity and kind hearts. The $1,500 raised from this event would cover charity care for 18 underprivileged female patients to the Pan-Asian Voluntary Clinic's charitable endeavors.

Participants thanked CCACC QOSTC director, Mr. Phil Zen, for providing such a good facility and opportunity to play tennis and also expressed their delight at learning about CCACC and the services offered by Pan-Asia Clinic. Through this heartwarming tennis tournament, this group of professional women not only demonstrated care and responsibility during the Christmas season but also contributed to community healthcare, donating $1500+ for the clinic, making the holiday season more joyful and meaningful for low-income patients at the Pan-Asia Volunteer Clinic.

Thanks to the organizers, supporters, caring tennis enthusiasts, and anonymous behind-the-scenes devotees of this event. Through their joint efforts, this event was a great success.

Yvette Yuxia Jia

Virginia M. Mecklenburg

Linda Streitfeld

Susan Decker

Renee Jenkins

Raquel Wilson

Lisa Tuvalo

Katharine Vincent

Pamela Ghavani

Casma Hui

Maureen Zaniel

Val Robertson

Katie Margolis

Nancy Haaga

Elena Gonzaga

Chris Y. Jia

Xihong Wang

Phil Zen

Xiaofeng Lu

Alan Lu

Liam Lu

Zed Zongyu Zheng

JJ Jiajing Zheng

Kate Huixing Lu

Yuhsin Chou

Yao-Yao Zhu

Paul Pu Liu

Johnathan Liu


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