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Past Health Fairs

2023 Health Fair

Thank you to All Who Contributed to 2023 Health Fair!

Sponsors and Vendors: 

  • Bright View West End Senior Living 

  • Smarter Advantage (Representing Humana) 

  • WeCare Project of George Mason University 

  • Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services 

  • Asian American Health Initiative 

  • Asian Pacific American Officers Committee (APAOC; Administration of Public Health) 

  • Montgomery County Health Connection 

  • Maryland Board of Election 

  • Maryland Insurance Administration

  • Hepatitis B Initiative of Washington 

  • Korean Community Service Center 

  • UV & Me of Georgetown University

  • CCACC Service Exhibition 

    • CCACC Health Center

    •  CCACC Home Care CCACC

    •  Quince Orchard Swimming and Tennis Club 

    •  CCACC Academy 

    • CCACC Community Service Center 

Professionals and Volunteers

Specialty Care:

  • ​Dr. Yang Veronica Pei (Emergency Medicine) 

  • Dr. Weimng Yan (Gastonolgist/Hematologist) 

  • Dr. Cheryle Fong (Occupational Therapist) 

  • Dr. Ran Xie(Gynecology) 

  • Dr.Rui Lu (Endocrinolgy)

  • US Center for Chinese Medicine by BUCM  

  • Ben Huang, Acupunturist, CCACC Health


Internal Medicine:

  • Dr. YaoYao Zhu (Internal Medicine) 

  • Dr. Mo-ping Chow (Internal Medicine)

  • Dr. Lei Xu (Internal Medicine 

  • Katherine Lee CRNP


Other Volunteers:

  • George Washington University, School of Medicine

  • Community Volunteers!


2022 Health Fair

2022 Health Exhibition Vendors

  • Gilead Science

  • InsuredTY_Tim Yang

  • Brightview West End (Assisted Living) BrightView

  • East West Wellness (Acupuncture & Wellness) 

  • Continuum Healthcare Network (nursing home) Continuum

  • Chang Medicare Team

  • Potomac Valley Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

  • Alzheimer's Association, DC Chapter

  • AARP Maryland

Government Agencies
  • Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI)

  • Asian Pacific American Officers Committee (APAOC; Administration of Public Health)

  • Federal Asian Pacific Council

  • Pedestrian Safety Outreach Program for MCDOT

  • Montgomery County Health Connection

  • Maryland Board of Election

  • Maryland Insurance Administration

Community Partners
  • American Diversity Group

  • Hepatitis B Initiative of Washington DC (HBI-DC)

  • Interfaith Works

  • Gaithersburg Help

  • Asian Indians Community Service (AICS)

  • Korean Community Service Center

  • Amerigroup Community Healthcare

  • Jubilee Association of Maryland

  • Super Smiles Center (Dental Care)

  • Potomac Oncology (Dr. Jame Xu)

  • Care For Your Health

CCACC Service Exhibitions
  • CCACC Health Center

  • CCACC Home Care

  • Quince Orchard Swimming and Tennis Club

  • CCACC Academy

  • CCACC Community Service Center

Medical Providers for Consultation

Internal Medicine
  • Dr. YaoYao Zhu (Internal Medicine)

  • Dr. Mo-ping Chow (Internal Medicine)

  • Dr. Lei Xu (Internal Medicine)

  • Dr. Ling Yang (Internal Medicine)

  • Dr. Ping Li (Internal Medicine)

Chinese Medicine
  • Dr. Hong Ji (East West Wellness Center)

  • Dr. Zhiqiang Fu (J & C Acupuncture)

Special Care
  • ​Dr. Yang Veronica Pei (Emergency Medicine)

  • Dr. Xiaoping Shao (Psychiatrist)

  • Dr. Jie He (Endocrinologist)

  • Dr. Weiming Yan (Gastroenterologist/Hematologist)

  • Dr. James Xu (Oncologist)

  • Dr, Leo Xu (Allergist)

  • Dr. Richard Chang (Dentist)

  • Dr. Wendy Hsiao (Hearing Specialist)

  • Dr. Cheryl Fong (Occupational Therapist)


2021 Health Fair

The success of our Health Fair is dependent on our volunteer physicians and staff.


List of Volunteers


  • Dr. Yao-Yao Zhu

  • Dr. Cynthia Macri

  • Dr. Ling Chin

  • Elizabeth Lee (PharmD)

  • Brandon Pan

  • Chao Lin

  • Charles Liang

  • Charlie Tatum

  • Chien Kao

  • Chu Wang

  • Connie Wei

  • Danish

  • David Lee

  • Emma Chen

  • Fahui Tan

  • Heidi Huang

  • Helen Chen

  • Hsiaoyin Chen

  • Huiming Liu

  • Immanuel Tung

  • Jingyun Jiang

  • Joy Wang

  • Kate Lu

  • Larry Harris

  • Marvin Xu

  • Ning Zou

  • Oore Fasola

  • Qi Li

  • Sheng Ting Huang

  • Simon Liu

  • Tai Hui Chow

  • Tammy Lee

  • Yanjing Zhang

  • Yuhsin Chou

Health Fair During COVID-19

CCACC Health Center continues to serve the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Offering a variety of services and educating the public on healthcare to make sure everyone has access to healthcare resources.


  • Free screenings and testings

    • Blood Test​

    • Blood Pressure/Heart Rate

    • Blood Glucose

    • BMI

    • Bone Density

    • Eye Exam

    • Hearing Test

    • Mental Health Screening

  • Exhibits

  • Vaccinations

2021 Health Fair.JPG

2019 Health Fair

Mountain Forest_Alaska.jpg
Councilmember Gabe Albornoz and DHHS Director Dr. Raymond Crowel Visited the Health Fair

The health fair is a great success!

  • More than 300 community members participated in the health fair.  

  • More than 80 community members who lack access to primary care received blood tests and were connected to care.

  • Four health seminars on chronic pain management and preventive health services were offered. 

  • More than 30 health service vendors from public and non-profit sectors participated in the health fair.

Council member Gabe Albornoz and Dr. Raymond Crowel, Director of Montgomery County Health and Human Service opened the event address to the audience.

As usual, volunteer physicians from PAVHC and Association of Chinese American Physician (ACAP),  Volunteers from Johns Hopkins University, Chinese American Community Service, and CCACC youth volunteer team staffed the whole event.

Many Thanks!!

Medical Consultation

As usual, volunteer physicians from the Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic and Association of Chinese American Physician (ACAP) will provide medical consultation to those who have labs done.


List of Volunteer Physicians


  • Dr. Mo-Ping Chow

  • Dr. Yaoyao Zhu

  • Dr. LingYang

  • Dr. Lei Xu

  • Dr. Yuxia Jia

  • Dr. Ling Chin

  • Dr. Jay He

  • Dr. Yang Ao

  • Dr. Steve Yu

  • Dr. Gang Li

  • Dr. Ping Li

  • Dr. Ran Xie

  • Dr. Xiaoping Shao

Health Screening

The Health Fair provided several services including:
Blood Pressure/ BMI/Hearing/Vision exam/ Bone Density


Flu Shot: We will provide flu shot on site (free for the uninsured). If insured, please bring your health insurance with you

Hep B Shot:  Hep B shot is supported by PAVHC's STOP B Project. $20 for a 3 shots course (completed in 6 months) and $50 for 2 shots cause (completed in 1 month).


Free Blood Test

This year, we were able to offer free blood test for those who had not received a health checkup in the past year, insured or not.

Please call the clinic (240-393-5950) to register. 

On-Site Lab Service

Offered by Lab Corp.
Lab Dates: 8.20.2019-9.20.2019
Every Monday, Thursday, and Friday

(8 Hours Fasting Required)

Lab work items:
1) CMP+CBC+ Lipid Panel
2) Hepatitis B Screening

health fair_2019_flyer.jpeg
Health Seminars

This year, the theme for the health fair is chronic pain management. We invited pain specialists to give out talks on health topics. 


  • No Pain Initiative​
    -Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic NPI Team

  • A New, Minimally Invasive Approach to Treating Lumbar Stenosis 
    -Dr. Alan Gonzalez-Cota

  • Chronic Pain Management from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective
     -​USCCM (US Center for Chinese Medicine)

  • Hepatitis B Treatment and Prevention
    -Dr. Lydia Tang, MD, UMD School of Medicine

Other Topics:

  • ACA (Obama Care Update)

Health Fair Exhibitions
  • AAHI (Asian American Health Initiative)

  • American Diversity Group

  • Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine and Intervention Pain Practice

  • APAOC (PHS Asian Pacific American Officers Committee)

  • Asian Indian Community Service

  • Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical

  • Gilead Science

  • Healthy Minds Initiative; Asian American Officers Committee (APAOC)

  • Healthy Minds Initiative; Asian American Officers Committee (APAOC)

  • Korean Community Service Center

  • Montgomery Village Healthcare Center

  • UMD, School of Public Health


  • WISH Program

  • WQER96.7F​M


2018 Health Fair