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Vaccine Uptake Initiative Delivered

CCACC Health Center advocates the health concept of "prevention is the best medicine" and actively promotes vaccination to protect community residents from unnecessary health threats. In March of this year, CCACC Health Center Center (Pan Asian Clinic) received financial support from the Living Well Center of Excellence in Maryland and the National Council of Aging to launch the "Vaccine Uptake Initiative." The project goal is to provide outreach and health education, COVID-19, and influenza vaccination services to 800 community residents. Although the project will not end until March next year, we are very happy to announce that we reached the goal 800 shots ahead of schedule!

CDC recommends that people get a flu vaccine from August to the end of October every year to prepare for the upcoming fall and winter seasons when viruses are rampant. Especially for children and the vulnerable elderly, flu vaccines can even save lives. According to CDC data, only about 54% of Asians in the United States have received the flu vaccine. In the Pan-Asian Clinic, we often come into contact with some Chinese residents who are not very willing to get flu vaccinations. Some people find it troublesome, are afraid of pain, are afraid of the "side effects" of the vaccine, and feel that "I still have a cold even after being vaccinated." There are also people who miss the annual flu vaccination because they do not have insurance, or have difficulty in mobility or language communication.

In order to address the concerns of community residents, in the past few months, Pan-Asia colleagues and volunteer staff (including pharmacists and retired nurses, etc.) have held many small-scale health promotion activities in elderly apartments and community centers, and Vaccinations are available on site. Since September, we have also used weekends to visit 6 Chinese schools to provide children and parents with on-site reliable and convenient vaccination services and to answer people's doubts and concerns about vaccines on the spot. Our vaccine outreach has been welcomed and responded to by the community.

Although we have achieved our service goals, we will continue to provide cold vaccines and other preventive vaccinations to residents in need. Everyone is welcome to come to the clinic (9318 Gaither RD, Suite 205) for cold vaccination during the Pan-Asia Clinic (Monday to Friday, 9-5 p.m.). You are welcome to call 240-393-5950 for inquiries and registration.

Flu vaccination cost:

· Free: Free for those with insurance (excluding Kaiser and HMO insurance holders). Uninsured and low-income Montgomery County residents can join the "Montgomery Cares" project, and they can also receive free vaccinations after registration (limited supply, while supplies last).

· At your own expense

Regular dosage $30

High dose (65+, frail) $70

Address: 9318 Gaither Rd, Suite 205, Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Tel: 240-393-5950

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