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Health Talk: Long-Term Care & Nursing Home

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Continuum Healthcare Network Understanding Medicare^J Medicaid^J and SNFs (1) (1)
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  • Jheni Libongco-Barbour, MBA, CMPE, PMP, CDP, CSA CEO and Founder Continuum Healthcare Network

Cell: 202-203-0466 Office: 240-650-7250 Fax: 240-556-0230

Email: Websites: (Marketing and Events) (Healthcare Resources, On-Site Visit and Telemedicine) Please feel free to contact Ms. Jheni Libongco-Barbour

Maria Ucles has a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management from University of Maryland, Global Campus, and a BS in International Business from Technologic University of Honduras. She started working in healthcare industry since 2010 and has a proven track record of providing high-quality care to residents in a long-term care setting. With over ten years of experience in healthcare management, Healthcare Marketing and Insurance, giving her a wide breadth of experiences that align with her passion for caring for the elderly and dedication to continuum improvement of peoples lives overall. She has been a guest speaker for multiple organization sharing knowledge about Insurance and Healthcare industry best practices since 2016. Maria has collaborated with multiple organization to create awareness in less deserve communities about Covid-19 and preventive diseases. Her work experience start with leading multiple teams in sales, business development, as well creating multiple programs to improve quality of life in nursing homes, and organizing multiple event for the communities in Montgomery County.

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