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Second Vaccination Clinic At CCACC on 3/13/2021在CCACC進行第二次疫苗接種

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

On 3/14/2021, with 12 volunteers from MCR, and 40 volunteers from CCACC (including 5 medical doctors and 12 volunteer vaccinators), we served 372 Montgomery County residents of 65+ and a few 1A Tier 2 & 3 health providers. These participants were all hard-to-reach, who might have been left behind in the vaccination process without extra support from community organizations like CCACC.

We are also happy to report that we successfully collaborated with Korean Community Service Center (KCSC), Vietnamese American Service and Asian American Inter-Community Service (AICS) to reach out to other Asian ethnicity groups in this effort. Our partner organizations worked hard to those hard-to-reach in their community to this event. We expect that this collaboration will continue for our future events.



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