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CCACC Annual Health Fair This Saturday 10.7.2023; 2-5 pm

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

The annual CCACC Health Expo will be held at the CCACC Headquarter (9366 Gaither Road, Gaithersburg) from 2 to 5 p.m. on October 7. As in previous years, in addition to providing free medical consultation, health screenings, and vaccinations, we also invite community medical institutions to showcase their health and medical services and products to the community. This time, nearly 20 physicians, specialists, and other medical personnel provided medical consultation services to participants.

Health Exhibition Vendor​

· WeCare Project of George Mason University

· Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services

· Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI)

· Asian Pacific American Officers Committee (APAOC; Administration of Public Health)

· Montgomery County Health Connection

· Maryland Board of Election

· Maryland Insurance Administration

· Hepatitis B Initiative of Washington DC (HBI-DC)

· Korean Community Service Center

· UV & Me of Georgetown University

CCACC Service Exhibition CCACC 服務

· CCACC Health Center

· CCACC Adult Day Healthcare Center


· Quince Orchard Swimming and Tennis Club

· CCACC Academy

· CCACC Community Service Center

We will have more than 20 medical professionals provide medical consultation:

Specialty Care

· ​Dr. Yang Veronica Pei (Emergency Medicine)

· Dr. Weiming Yan (Gastrologist/Hematologist)

· Dr. Cheryl Fong (Occupational Therapist)

· Dr. Ran Xie (Gynecology)

· Dr. Rui Lu (Endocrinology)

· Dr. Cecelia Han (Neuropsychologist)

· Ben Huang (Acupuncturist)

· US Center for Chinese Medicine by BUCM

Internal Medicine

· Dr. Yao-Yao Zhu (Internal Medicine)

· Dr. Mo-ping Chow (Internal Medicine)

· Dr. Lei Xu (Internal Medicine)

· Katherine Lee CRNP

In addition to medical exhibitions and medical consultation services, we also set up many on-site health screening projects on the health day, including blood pressure, blood lipids, vision, hearing, bone density, traditional Chinese medicine consultation/acupuncture and other services. People who complete all health screening items can participate in the lottery. Hope to see you on the day!

Interested in volunteering at the health fair? Please fill out this Google form

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