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Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Update: Due to overwhelming demand for COVID testing, the PCR test by CIAN Lab takes longer to process. You can access your result through the CIAN portal via following link:


We are offering PCR COVID test to the community. Please follow the instruction below:

  1. Call the clinic for appointment 240-393-5950

  2. Provide ID and Insurance cards: Text (301-549-8000) or Email (

  3. When you arrive the parking lot at your schedule time, call the clinic and wait in the your car;

  4. Staff will set up a tele-health visit with our health care provider;

  5. Our staff provide you the test kits and the test form. Please fill out the form completely and sign;

  6. Complete the test by yourself; Let us know if you need assistance;

  7. Assemble the complete test kits: label the test tube, the lab bag and put the lab form in the outside pouch of the lab bag

  8. Return the test kits in designated location

  9. Result: will come back within 72 hours. We will call and inform patient with POSSITIVE test result. You are welcome to call the clinic to confirm the result after 72 hours of the test.


Completed sample lab form

Completed Test Form
Download PDF • 670KB

  • Instruction on how to complete the test

Download PDF • 381KB

  • Complete the test kits

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