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Overdose Response Program Kickoff Event

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

For decades, the U.S. medical system has over prescribed for pain medication, leading to an opioid epidemic across the United States. By 2020, more than 2,000 Maryland residents died each year as a direct result of opioid overdose, and the figure during the epidemic is estimated to be even higher. Although the number of overdose deaths from opioids among Asian residents is relatively small, because opioids have become rampant in communities, teenagers may unknowingly misuse in social situations and become addicted.

In order to understand the impact of opioids on teenagers in the Asian community, under the initiative of Dr. Veronica Pei (Emergency Medicine doctor), CCACC Health Center obtained the Certificate of Overdose Response Program (ORP) from the Overdose Harm Reduction Center of Maryland Department of Health in May this year. Over the next two years, we will host a series of education sessions, as well as conduct community outreach events.

This Thursday evening, we will kick of the program by hosting an online training at 7:30 pm. Parents and teenagers interested in the topic are welcome to attend. We are recruiting volunteers for Overdose Response Training.

Volunteers who participate in the project will receive the following benefits:

• Improve leadership skills

• Participate in community health projects to provide valuable experience for students interested in pursuing careers in health and human services

• Secondary students can earn credit for Student Service Learning (SSL)

Please join us in this important discussion. For details, please refer to our website:

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