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Charity Silent Auction Ended Successfully on June 9

Check on our charity silent auction:

Pan-Asian Volunteer Health Clinic hosted the annual oriental art charity sale to raise fund to pay for the cost of essential preventive care labs for uninsured and low-income patients of the ended successfully on June 9. The charity sale raised a total of $4992. The payments are expected to help 60 uninsured, low-income community residents who are struggling to pay for disease prevention services. These preventive services include annual routine blood tests, hepatitis B screening, cancer screening (including breast cancer, cervical cancer, bowel cancer, etc.) and screening for other common Asian diseases (such as pylori) and so on.

This charity sale was attended by enthusiastic people from all walks of life in the community. The founders of Pan-Asian Volunteer Health Clinic, Mr. MK Li and his wife, Ms. Ren Yu, donated the banyan, Kaliza and Euonymus bonzais that they have cultivated for more than 25 years. Mr. MK Li was the board member and director of CCACC and has a deep connection with CCACC. These bonzais are from Ms. Ren's early activities in the Floral Art Club at CCACC, where she exchanged flower arrangement skills with members, started from pruning, and was carefully nurtured for many years. These bonzais can also be said to have witnessed the growth history of CCACC.

Numerous artworks have inadvertently served as "cultural messengers". Ms. Scheeun Cher, the wife of the board member of CCACC, donated the Hunan embroidery "Yunxiang Clothes," which has been treasured for many years. This artwork was finally won by the congressman for western Maryland, Mr. David Trone. He said he would put the work in his office for visitors to enjoy. It truly spreads Chinese culture.

Dr. Cynthia Macri, a volunteer doctor from Pan-Asian, won Ms. Limei Zhang's "Fisherman's Happiness" and Dr. Zhu's "Blossoming and Foraging ." Dr. Macri is a fourth-generation Japanese-American. She said that her ancestors were Japanese fishermen and farmers, and these two paintings are of great significance to her.

Mr. Jim Green from George Mason University, has participated in the CCACC Charity Golf Cup every year. This year, he won another painting by Ms. Limei Zhang's ''Pine Tree and Crane''.

There are many other highlights of this charity silent auction. The Bian embroidery "Across the River during Qingming Festival" donated by Pan-Asian's volunteer Ms. Chunying Zhao has also attracted wide attention. The paintings of Dr. Zhu Yao-Yao, the medical director of the Pan Asian Clinic, and Ms. Limei Zhang, the elderly at the CCACC Adult Day Care Center, are also popular as always. Dr. Zhu's "Tiger and Rising Sun" and calligraphy have won a high price. Ms. Limei Zhang also donated a number of paintings. Her Chinese painting “Lao Le,” won the love and bidding of many people in the community, and was finally won by Dr. Shao Xiaoping, a volunteer psychiatrist from the clinic.

Thank you to our volunteers and community members (namely, Mr. Charles Chen, Ms. Scheeun Cher, Mr. MK Lee, Dr. Mark Li, Ms. Li-Fang Liu, Ms. Kate Lu, Dr. Xiaoping Shao, Ms. Chunying Zhao, Dr. Yaoyao Zhu, Ms. Rita Lewi, and Ms. Sai Ma ) for donating these items for the auction.

Thank you to everyone who enthusiastically participated in the charity and made this event a complete success. Looking forward to see more enthusiastic participation next year!

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