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2024 Charity Pickleball Cup on June 1st

Updated: Jun 12

On June 1st, the CCACC Health Center successfully held the 2024 Charity Pickleball Tournament in Gaithersburg, MD, attracting numerous enthusiastic participants from within and outside the community. The event aimed to raise funds for PROmise Program, a program designed to provide a positive and inclusive environment for children with developmental disabilities, helping them build social connections, achieve personal growth, and gain valuable life skills.

Sponsors and Donors

We are grateful for the generous support of the following sponsors and donors for this charity event:

  • Tha Cabalu Group of Wells Fargo Advisors: Platinum Sponsor

  • Soo Love, LLC: Gold Sponsor

  • T and T Consulting Services/HIGHTHRIVE FOUNDATION INC, Dr. Mo-Ping Chow, Dr. Yao-yao Zhu, ITAT Corporation, Alven Lam: Bronze Sponsors

  • MGM National Harbor: Goods Donation

  • Paris Baguette: Dessert donation

Mr. Cabalu joined Wells Fargo Advisors as a Managing Director - Investments in 2013. His 33 years of experience in the investments and wealth management industry have ranged from handling the day to day operations to developing and managing financial strategies. His areas of focus are: Business Services, Estate Planning Strategies, Insurance, and Retirement Planning.

Individual donors include Avery Wan, Yuchi Huang, Monica Kuo, Shengting Pan, and Yeh-Fong Chen among others, whose contributions added significant value to the event.


The tournament attracted many pickleball enthusiasts, including:

  • Ray L Hwang/Jing-Fun Lee, Chih-Hsiang Li, Christopher Chen/Enzo, Lisa Lorraine, Edward J. Guss, Phil Zen, Terry Hsiao, Clousky Wu/Xiaoyu Zhou, Tong Wu, who each paid a registration fee of $100, contributing to the charity cause.

Event Highlights

The tournament began at 3 PM with intense preliminary rounds, moving into the final rounds at 5:30 PM. Players competed fiercely on the court while the audience's enthusiasm ran high, creating an atmosphere filled with joy and love. The event also featured interactive activities and food stalls, allowing participants to enjoy the competition while experiencing the community's warmth.

Fundraising Goal

Our goal is to raise $10,000 for PROmise Program to cover necessary rental fees and support staff, providing a safe and nurturing space for the children. So far, we have raised a substantial amount, thanks to the selfless contributions of every participant and sponsor.

The Charity Pickleball Tournament was more than just a competition; it was a platform to showcase community unity and love. Every donation and every swing of the paddle represented support and commitment to the children's future. We thank all participants and look forward to gathering again next year to continue striving for a better future together.

For more details and donation options, please visit our event page:

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