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2022 CCACC Charity Golf Cup Ended Successfully on June 11

CCACC Health Clinic hosted the annual charity golf cup to raise fund to pay for the cost of essential preventive care labs for uninsured and low-income patients of the ended successfully on June 11. The charity event raised a total of $28,612. The funding are expected to help those people who are uninsured, low-income community residents who are struggling to pay for disease prevention services. These preventive services include annual routine blood tests, hepatitis B screening, cancer screening (including breast cancer, cervical cancer, bowel cancer, etc.) and screening for other common Asian diseases (such as pylori) and so on.

This charity sale was attended by enthusiastic people from all walks of life in the community. Our title sponsor, Mr. Theodore Schwab, who is a wealth manager and is a Managing Director and founding partner at the Steward Partners Global Advisory. He has been the title sponsor of the CCACC Charity Golf Cup for three consecutive years. Steward Partners Global Advisory is an employee-owned, full-service partnership, catering to family, institutional and multigenerational investors. Their professionals deliver comprehensive wealth planning and investment strategy implementation, professional asset services, private banking, institutional consulting, international advisory, and business solutions. We sincerely thank Mr. Theodore Schwab for agreeing with the mission of CCACC Health Center to serve the community and thank Mr. Theodore Schwab for his generosity to the community.

We also appreciate Mr. Tim Yang, who is also our title sponsor of the CCACC Charity Golf Cup. He is a Nationwide-authorized life agent. He grew up in Rockville, MD and learned how to play volleyball at CCACC camp over 20 years ago. His company InsuredTY provides Long Term Life Insurance with Nationwide. With Long Term Care Insurance you can choose whether to receive assistance at your own home or at an old age home. Many thanks to Mr. Tim Yang for his willingness to support CCACC Health Center to provide medical services to the community!

CCACC Health Center would like to thank all the sponsors of the Charity Golf Cup, including the CCACC board of directors, Precision Systems, Inc. , Nauticon Office Solutions, Solid Gold, Inc. , Avis Young, B.F. SAUL, Consolidated Insurance + Risk Management, Eagle Bank, Lynott, Lynott & Parsons, P.A., Mo-Ping Chow, T and T Consulting Services, Inc., 4imprint, Chengbiao Tu, MZ Capital Management, Rho Psi Foundation, AiCare 99, SUSHI OISHII, James Green, and Kathy Mathieson.

Your support will help us to continue to serve the under-served!

Thanks to everyone who enthusiastically participated in the charity and made this event a complete success. Looking forward to see more enthusiastic participation next year!

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