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2021 Influenza Vaccine Available Now

Fee: Free for insured patients and Montgomery Care patients; Self paid $30

Clinic Address: 9318 Gaither Road, Suite 205, Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Appointment: 240-393-5950

The fall is approaching; the influenza season is here again. Due to recent reopening, many are returning to school and work in person. This will make the flu situation more challenging this year. Recently, the Biden administration also announced the plan for booster shots for the COVID-19 vaccine. In order to stagger the timing of the cold vaccine and COVID vaccine, flu vaccination is highly recommended by our medical providers.

We encourage everyone get a influenza vaccine before the onset of the flu, so that they can produce sufficient immunity and reduce the chance of infection. The Pan-Asian Voluntary Health Clinic (PAVHC) of the CCACC Health Center (CCACC Health Center) is ready to begin influenza vaccination for residents of Montgomery County from now on.

Influenza is a highly contagious acute respiratory infectious disease, which is mainly spread by air droplets and is easy to spread among people. There are many similarities between flu and COVID-19 symptoms (such as fever, fatigue, cough, etc.). With these symptoms, many people will naturally feel anxious. Influenza vaccine is one of the most effective ways to prevent influenza. It can greatly reduce the chance of infection. Even if the disease cannot be completely avoided, it can alleviate symptoms and reduce the probability of severe illness.

The population generally lacks resistance to influenza viruses, strictly speaking, everyone can be vaccinated against influenza. There are two types of people who are given priority for influenza vaccination: one is the people at high risk of influenza, the elderly 60 years and older, patients with chronic diseases (heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, pulmonary heart disease, etc.), obese people, etc.; The virus spreads to people who are at high risk of severe illness, including medical staff, caregivers who take care of the elderly and children, such as kindergarten teachers, orphanage employees, babysitters, and family members who live with children and the elderly.

People who are not suggested to receive influenza vaccine include: those who are allergic to eggs or any component of the vaccine, patients with Guillain-Bali syndrome, patients with acute febrile illness, patients with chronic diseases, people with severe allergies, and those who are considered unsuitable for vaccination by doctors.

Patients can receive influenza vaccination (Monday to Friday; 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). The service is free for patients who are insured, or those who are in the Montgomery Care Program. We charge $30 for self-pay patients.

This year, anyone who completes the flu vaccine at PAVHC will receive a small gift of hand sanitizer to effectively prevent the epidemic.

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