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Our Partners

Pan Asian is part of the Health and Human Services division of the Chinese Culture and Community Service Center (CCACC).

Part of the Montgomery Care Network
We are one of 12 community clinics, along with MobileMed and the Muslim Community Center (MCC) Medical Clinic, in the Montgomery Cares network.


Our Partners:

Montgomery County DHHS.png

Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)


Shady Grove Radiology

Montgomery County DHHS.png

Montgomery County Cancer Crusade

Primary Care Coalition.png

Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County (PCC)

Montgomery County DHHS.png

Montgomery County Cancer Prevention and Screening Program



In FY 2018 we received partial financial funding from the following organizations:


Check Out Our Co-sponsors!

Calvin Jia-Xin Li Memorial Foundation: The mission of the Calvin Jia-Xin Li Memorial Foundation is to support the aspirations and dreams of Asian American children in the U.S. The Foundation works to promote the welfare of Asian American children and strives to create a supportive social and family environment to empower youth. 

Chinese American Parent Association of Montgomery County (CAPA-MC): CAPA-MC aims to promote the involvement of Chinese American parents in school communities. They provide tools to address the cultural, linguistic, and communication barriers preventing Chinese American students and parents from fully engaging in and voicing opinions within educational institutions.

Chinese Culture and Community Service Center (CCACC): CCACC is a non-profit and non-partisan organization serving the greater Washington D.C. area. CCACC’s mission is to enhance the quality of life and well-being of Chinese Americans and the community-at-large, to promote the awareness of Chinese culture and appreciation of cultural diversity, to facilitate assimilation of Chinese immigrants into American society, and advance coalitions in community development and building.

University of Maryland Department of Asian American Studies Program (AAST): AAST strives to be a leader in research and education focused on Asian Americans in the United States. AAST is dedicated to studying the lives, histories, and culture of persons of Asian descent, hailing from any region of Asia and the Pacific.

Field Education Sites
  • University of Maryland - School of Social Work

  • Johns Hopkins University - Health Science Program

  • George Washington University - School of Art Therapy

  • Uniform Service University - Medical School

Grant Support
  • Maryland Community Health Resources Community

  • Montgomery County Government

  • Healthcare Initiative Foundation

  • Primary Care Coalition

  • City of Rockville

  • National Council of Aging

Community Support

Fundraising for Free Health Screening​

  • Do More 24

  • 100 Women Who Care

Community Partnership
  • Association of Chinese American Physicians (ACAP)

  • American Diversity Group

  • US Center for Chinese Medicine

  • Asian American Center of Frederick

  • American Asian Health Initiative

  • Chinese American Parent Association (CAPA-MC)

  • Calvin Li Foundation

  • University of Maryland, School of Psychology

  • Council of Confederation of Chinese American Association (CCCAA)

  • Korean Community Services Center (KCSC)

  • American Vietnamese Association (AVA)

  • LabCorp

  • Gilead Science

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