Do More 24 Fundraiser

Even though the Do More 24 Fundraiser is over, you can still donate and make a difference!

2019 Do More 24 - Pap Smear Lab Kits

Date: May 22-23, 2019

Goal: $50,000

Purpose: Pay for Pap Smear Lab Kits for 50 Uninsured Women

2019 Do More Donors

2019’s Do More 24 Fundraiser helped raise money for CCACC’s PAVHC. In a short 24 hour period, the kindness of the community was seen as we raised $4349 in total donations, almost reaching our goal.

All funds raised from this event will be used to help uninsured, low-income women in the community get the pap smear test. Because of the love and support this community showed, 50 women will be able to receive this preventive care service.

From this 24 hour fundraiser, we not only received funding but we also felt the warmth this community has to offer. During the event, there was an 80 year-old patient at PAVHC who learned about the fundraiser from the TV in the lobby. She asked if it was okay for her to donate $5 since she was currently living off food stamps but still wanted to contribute. Furthermore, just before the end of the fundraiser, we received a large anonymous donation with the message “In honor of my grandmother. May this world be rid of cervical cancer.”

This event shattered the image of Asians as being self-centered and not willing to donate. Together we were able to create a caring Asian community. We hope that you can continue to support us in the coming year.

Donation Methods

As a volunteer health clinic, PAVHC has been operating for 13 years and relies on government grants, volunteers, and the community’s support and donations. As a member of the PAVHC family, your support is essential to our continued success and allows us to serve more people. You can show your support by donating through the following channels:

  1. Cash or Check Donation
    Check Payable to: CCACC
    Memo: Support PAVHC
    Address: 9318 Gaither Road, Suite 205, Gaithersburg, MD 20850 (you can choose to mail your donation or visit our friendly staff at the office)

  2. CFC Donation
    If you are a federal employee you can choose to donate to CCACC through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
    CCACC’s CFC number: 88987

  3. Online Donation
    You can visit the CCACC website to donate.

The Chinese Culture and Community Service Center is considered a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, your donations are tax deductible.

Meiyean Chen 曹美妍

Anthony Cheng

Qiufang Cheng 程秋芳

Dr. Janet Fu 符志強中醫師  

Teresa Harn 尹紀潁

Chang Hsiao

Bing Huang 黃秉驥

Qiaoni Jing

Alice Kan 黃麗嬋

Mei Xian Li李美嫻

Ned Li 李潮

Chiaochiao Liu 李皎皎

Li-Fang Liu 張麗芳

Huixing  Lu 陸惠興

Zhikun Meng 

Xiaoping Shao 邵曉平醫生

Sue Sun 謝淑貞

Pao Yu Tsai蔡寶玉

Immanuel Tung 董一明

Chia Feng Wang 王家鳳

Chu Wang 王楚

Qiya Wang 

Chonghu Xu 許崇瑚

Sheng Zhong 鐘聲